SkillSource Therapy & Learning Center - "the source for skill development"
SkillSource Therapy & Learning Center serves children and families with a wide variety of speech and language disorders. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality speech therapy services available.
SkillSource Therapy & Learning Center is located on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast. We provide intensive one-on-one therapy with licensed, certified speech-language pathologists to service children with a variety of needs.  We have a record of success in treating speech, language, learning, oral-motor and social communication delays and disorders. We recognize that a "one-size-fits-all" therapeutic approach is not successful when dealing with a pediatric population.  Instead, our staff is trained in the treatment and techniques necessary to develop an individual program for your child. We make certain the educational environment at SkillSource,Inc. is kid friendly - yet focused on results. We also collaborate with other professionals to coordinate occupational therapy, sensory integration, applied behavioral therapy, education, psychology, and counseling services.  We are also committed to giving each child support and encouragement to become his or her own unique self.
We are prepared to meet the therapeutic needs of your infant or child through age 18 in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and fun!
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